Library FF Oneshoot


Hello.. Hello..
Hello.. Hello..
Tell Me What U Want Right Now?
Hello.. Hello..
I give it to you all right now?

Dul! Set!

Helloo ^^ Here’s Library FF Oneshoot on HaeSeo Land. Enjoy it~~ šŸ˜‰ thankyou for visiting and don’t forget leave a comment^^

P.S : Don’t be silent reader and plagiator!!

ā“’2016 Nadhea Rain

[Last Update: November 22, 2016]



Best Regards,

Nadhea Rain


4 thoughts on “Library FF Oneshoot

  1. Haihai…
    Baru nemu blog kamu nih, dek…tp belum sempet baca ff nya..nanti sempetin baca satu persatu deh…

    Oh ya, sempet shock baca ‘haeseo couple’ ternyata kmu biasin donghae juga di SJ..hihihi samaan berarti…

    Oke, ini hanya meninggalkan jejak cekcokan ku disini…hehe see u ya…:*

    Liked by 1 person

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